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My Korea Trip

 I went for a 5 day tour to South Korea last week . Our tour brought us to Seoul ,

the capital of Korea.

On the second day , ( as our first day was spent on the plane )

We visited the Kyongbokkung Palace ,

the formal palace of the Choson established by Yi Song Gye , the founding

King of the Choson Dynasty . We also visited the National Folklore Museum and the

presidential Blue House that day  .



At the National Folklore Musuem , we saw history brought  to life

in those lifelike statues that move and gesture . They are so interesting to watch

as they are very

lifelike , set in their  appropriate backgrounds .


That day was really exhausting , as we didn't go to bed at all , the night before .

 We only snatched what sleep we could on our 6 hour flight from KLIA M'sia to Seoul .


The third day saw us on the go again . The schedule was fully packed  everyday .

That day we visited Korea Floritopia 2002 , a grand Exhibition of Flowers .

 We had the apportunity to see all sorts of flowers ,

big or small , indoors or outdoors  . Apart from that , it was also a day when we

could buy all sorts of souvinirs and tasted all sort of foodstuff and drinks .

I enjoyed my small bowl of ice-cream particles which cost me RM 6.00

per small bowl. There were also many resting huts for

visitors to sit and rest ; lots of toilets when nature calls.


Another interesting place is LOTTE World in Seoul . It is somewhat like

the Disney World. Here we enjoyed train , boat , sky  ,  whatever rides

that were very exciting .


On the fourth day , our couch broght us to a DMZ tour of the DORA Observatory

and the Korean War Memorial Hall ( Also

known as the Anti - Communist Hall )

We saw films of the crulety of wars , seperating families ,friends ,lovers ;

only to have fathers meeting sons , brothers meeting brothers

at the medans  of wars ; wars that

turns   North Korea and South Korea into two seperate countries.

 We saw the tunnels , ten  of them , dug by the North Koreans to attack South Koreans  .



Another attraction of this trip is to be able to see the World Cup Soccer  Stadium.

Needless to say , we went  for those World Cup Tshirts , hats , badges , bags

key chains and so on.


It is also interesing to note that the Koreans eat   lots  of fresh

vegetables which they plant in rows with neat covers to protect  them

from pests and excessive heat . Almost all the lands are fully utilized .


Meerly visiting the country is not enough , we must also bring back some memories ,

some photos , some souvinirs and friendship  . For this trip , visitors usually

 buy back the famous Korean ginseng  and stones from the

Amethyst Factory . Both of these commodities cost a fortune .


Well , that's so much ,  I can remember about my Korean Trip.

I could have written a longer account , had I not  always been dozing off

into slumber land when our Korean tourist guide supplied

us with such detailed  informations  of his country .