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Aggie's Sanctuary


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Life is ..




Life is
Life is a challenge , face it .
Life is a joy , savour it .
Life is a dream , realize it .
Life is a disaster , conquer it.
Life is an illusion , see through it
Life is a lover , woo it.
Life is a temptress , yeild to it.
Life is fun , play along with it.
Life is a balance , weigh it.
Life is colourful , appreciate it.
Life is a persecution , lie low till it's over.
Life is a torment , we come out of ot stronger.
Life is precious , value it.
Life has its ups and downs . Our cups of life is filled with different drinks.
Life is full of stormy waves . As soon as one is over , the next one will follow.
Life is a fathonless well. Draw water of hope from it.
Life is a race. Reach the end of it , a victor
To  live is to die eventually . Be sure you make preparation for
everlasting life hereafter.
Agatha Lai



To read my diary over and over again
To forget what I should remember
To smile when I should be crying
To choose to hurt with words or to choose to console
Fashion parade at home
Mirror mirror on the wall
Go for a morning walk to catch the sun rise
Driving slowly while listening to  some haunting songs
Steamed bread and hot coffee
Moonlight sonata
small pretty cute children
MY computer
My house and the corridor outside
The quiet corner in the library
A very cold air-conditioned room
Story books
Favourite movics
Pretty blouses and blue jean
Stones and roses at one go
To put oneself in other's shoes before casting the first stone
People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones
To laugh at oneself or  the joke is on others
It takes a woman to understand a woman
A man always thinks he understands a woman
Unsolved riddles , unending show of feelings  
A very cold air-conditioned room
Silly conversation over the phone with a good friend
The chyme of the church bell
Fireflies on a hot summer night
Green , green grass anywhere
Where have all the flowers gone?
Gone with the wind
To die many a death and yet still live.
To live is to question the meaning of life
You can come to the conclusion that I am a woman , a plain and simple one at that.