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Aggie's Sanctuary


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I wish /I walk



I wish the wind will blow gently ,
Upon the trees and forest floor,
As I gaze upon the moon nightly,
My inward eye to heaven soar .

Only yesterday I saw you smile ,
Such gaiety t'was sweet to behold,
To-day you are away at the wild,
I, alone , sitting on this bare thresh-hold.

I f only your wandering days are over,
Once more you set foot on this shore,
You can be my laughing ,fellow rover,
We shall be happy like before.

Together we roam to a paradise,
where flowers bloom and sunlights shine ,
Midnight skies a purple blue ,
Life is so heavenly divine.

Night after night , night after night,
The nightingales sing ,
song after song, song after song .
,As if upon a gitar string.

Once again I turn my gaze,
Upon the moonlit night,
A bird flies out of the terrace,
It is still a wonderful sight !

Agatha Lai 2.9.2001



I walk on earth with a spring .
The birds around me spread their wings.
Green trees and grass meet my eyes.
Beneath the trees I can lie .
I walk alone to the river
To the opposite bank I  cross over .
I wade in the water so cool and clear .
I  wet my body and what I wear.
I walk slowly in the rain.
The rain does not fall in vain.
The plants , the grass , the brooks and me
We all drink in plenty .
I walk at dawn by the sea .
All the waves reach out to me.
Sea gulls fly by ; the sun appears
Cocks crow and birds' chirping sound so near .
I walk one evening by the streams .
Evening shadows  , flickering beams .
I pray the day at its end.
I know I always have a friend .
Agatha Lai 28.8.02