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Aggie's Sanctuary
The Past


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One fine afternoon , sitting  beside the river .
I  listened  to the  chorus of  the wind and rustling of  leaves.
I  looked where the sky met the trees tops ,
A yearning rose in me ; of someone
 some scenes , some dreams in the past .
Pictures , in vivid  colours
Songs sang , roads trodden 
All flashed  in my inward eyes .
I searched deeper , and longer
The furthest corner of my heart
where hidden dreams lurked
I scooped  them up to savour.
I sailed in my dreams and basked in my thoughts ,
I floated and danced as the hours porlonged
What was it that made me so gay ;
so pure , feelings so complacent ;  I was at a loss.
Tell me , voices  from the past !.
Did you hear that bird yonder  sing ?
The bird sang on ; it  didn't  interrupt my thoughts.
 I continued to sail down  memory lane
the river besides me ; of  people
Their  voices distant , long gone from this earth .
Let leisure be my friend and time be my enemy .
Voices from the past , dare I question your authority ?
So from hence I shall walk in my dreams  and
smile  in my sleep ; and there shall be only peace.
A message from  voices in the past .
Come now , the spirit of contentment 
Let me bath in your flickering  light ;  I
the passenger  of time that drags  on and on for so long ,
fret and turn in my dreams of lifetime.
willl only wake at  the end of it .
Let  time stand still
the hours lengthen .
Let each minute be as meaningful as this one .
As  I , comtemplating
The nature around me sang 
about the dews on the leaves and sheep on the plain .
A bird flew by and called out shrill
I startled , looked around me and saw myself  the first time
Stting  under an old oak tree beside the river
Evening approached .
Agatha Lai Oct.02