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Aggie's Sanctuary


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Rainbow End

To behold the rainbow after the rain
That connects the earth to the sky
Down to the earth again.
To where the eagles fly.
I , at one end of the rainbow
You at the other end to me ,  bow ,
To each other across the sky
Our imaginations fly
Reaching out ,  calling out to each other
From shore to shore from earth to sky
Like the rainbow in the sky ;
 Like the  the morning birds  that cry ,
I long to be where you are , to be near you .
To be  your  necklace coloured  blue .
Just to be by your side .
With you I abide .
Some times in my dreams I roamed 
From  the darkness of my room
I flew to places 
We used to frequent
There are so many
The gardens , the lakes , the sea and the crowded streets .
And I relived  again scenes of our meetings so sweet.
Your look , your touch , your smile
All I  savoured  lingeringly for a while   
Can love be that great
Can dreams be such a treat ?
Then I awoke only to find myself alone
Where have you gone ?
Dream of my dreams
My illusive moon beams
My  nightingale that  sings  songs of sorrow
Will I see you tomorrow?
My angel , in my despair
When love and feelings flare .
And flee , gone , from this lonely  quarter 
Like a barren desert that yearns for drops of water.
I dip my thirsty tongue in some photos
of you that you left behind .
To quench my thirst  , I sometimes reach for the phone
You are at the other end
To you I say hello ,  love
I revive when I hear your voice .
Time flies by
So quick , oh  so quick !
When will I see you again ?
Moon , hide your light
Come out only when my love is back
For to be here when he's  not around ,
would be a waste , a waste of your light.
I may take flight ,
And retire to my  lonely room  .
And  shut your moonlight  out .
Love is a sacred song
Some love forlorn
Some so strong .
Let's not prolong
We have loved so long.
To each other we belong .
Together  we mingle with  the throng .
Aggie 15.10.02








As the sun goes beneath the horizon
Meeting people beyond
Slowly the moon peeps above the trees tops .
Brightening the remaining raindrops .

From afar the sea-gulls sing
Giving heaven and earth a ring !
They sing of   the end of  all busy days  .
As the moon gently casts its rays.

At a night so sweet will I see my Willy ,
The night wind blows ever so chilly . 
  I think of him ,  whom  I met  in a party .
That day he wore blue jeans and jersy .

Since then we been always together ..
For me , there has never been any other .
 I need his presence  every passing hour
Our friendship is like a red  flower .

But  to-night , why to-night he does not appear ?
It does make me cold inside with fear .
So I hug myself  to keep my small cold hands warm .
If he still doesn't come I will go home .