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Stolen Moment



It is a long time I have visited the wilderness at the back of my house . I always have a lot to do .Besides the house-hold chores , I have to do shopping and gardening. I spend a lot of time at
the internet too.
Today , the weather is just fine . There is a breeze too and making such a journey perfect.

I took my walk down a grassy path . I won't be gone for more than an hour , I told myself . I'll be back to work at  my unfinished poem.
My hesitant steps took me outside my house . I breathed in the air and busy took in the greens around me. A rustling in the leaves made me pause and  wonder what was hidden from view. I kneeled down and spotted a tiny insect , bright red in color creeping       
away at the approach of my steps. I wanted very much to say hello to it , but , I felt it liked to be left alone.
I ran to the edge of some trees. The scent of a warm , tropical wild garden wafted to me as the gentle breeze blew. I greeted the wilderness with a big smile.
How good this all  is !  My worldly cares and worries vanish . God must be somewhere very near.   I am very sure.
Aggie .




Have you ever had such a dream?
You are surrounded by darkness.
Things around you are weird and unfamiliar .

You want to reach out to touch something
or someone.

Its emtiness enshrouds you. Some scary
beings lurk in the corner some where.
Then a fear grips you.
" Run! " your instinct tells you .

However your legs cannot carry you.
You want to shout but no voice comes
out from you. Helplessly you pray to God ,
to our lady.

Yes, only in times of adversity do we turn
to God for help . In good time we put
Him at the back of our mind.

We are ungrateful people. We don't love
God as much as we should.

However God is in us, in our subconscious
mind. He is the one we turn to for help when
we are desperate and when danger is nigh.
Such is our weak human nature.

May be we tend to complain if things don't
go well.

Why it is John who gets all the attention
when I work so hard?

Why do I have to wash the piles and piles
of dishes alone?

How come when it is time to shine and
flaunt there is such a long queue ?
Where are they when their service is needed?.

I tell you, my friend ,reflect.

When Jesus was scourged at the pillar,
crowned with thorn , carried the cross
and crucified on it, did he say WHY ME ?

When Mary was announced by Angel Gabriel
to be the mother of Jesus, she did not
say," WHY ME!"

She said," Be it done to me according
to thy will. "

So I think it is good to learn to
say," WHY NOT ME? "

Yes, why not me to bare all the burden of work,
snares, indifference , unfairness etc.
Remember difficulties arise in the lives
of us all. It is important to deal with
them in a cheerful way.

We must try to get to the other side
where the sun is still shinning for us.