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Just imagine I don't have to be me. .yes...   me... the boring
me   and I can choose to be somebody else ..ain't it fun ?
Think of all those famous historical characters that I could be
if I chose. There are so many of them ; the rich , the famous,
the notorious , the best this and best that . Since this is a
IF ..topics , I'll not be so stupid as to parade their names ,
one by one as if doing an examination . I'll just sit back
and type , type away...if...if..if...
Perhaps you have never heard about Chang O ..Yes , the
Chinese lady who flew..flew flew to the moon and stayed
there forever and ever . No kidding . You only have to
raise your head on a moonlit night and you will see her
there . I'm sure you are not without that bit of imagination
as not to see her there.I am sure most of you Chinese
have heard about this concubine of a Chinese emperor who
wanted his subjects to look for the everlasting-life herb .And
upon finding it , Chang 0 , not wishing this cruel emperor
to live forever , swallowed the herb and so her body
floated and floated up to the sky and finally reached the moon.
The poets even wrote about her , " Chang O regret ate
the herb ;nightly watching blue sky and green sky in
loneliness "
Well if you cannot see Chang O there , Who would you prefer to
see .there  Osama  ? Not mean to insult anybody as our site is full of
him so I am sure he's the first one that come to your mind ! No ! Yes,
if he were there it would be Americans' holiday ( borrowed
phrase :) )
Let me see , since I can choose why don't i do a bit of shopping
before I settle to one character of my choice . Yes, perhaps
it's nice to be a famous musician such as Bethoven . His name
lives down the history and is praised by so many poets.His
master piece , the Moonlight Sonata , is considered the most
beautiful piece of music ..well at least by me . So famous....
But then he was blind ..Again that's a draw back ! Who wants
to be blind . To be blind means not be able to see the sun,
the moon , the stars, the maggie mee that we eat . Moreover
I have so many pairs of glasses ; it is not as if a blind lady
need any of that !
I have always admired Mother Theresa but then who am I
to be such a saintly character .
As I sail down the land of imagination I finally remember my
mum said to me , " Whatever you do , be yourself !"
Yes , be myself . That will mean I would choose to be my great,
great grandmother for without her I would not be here !