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Sometimes , sometimes and sometimes...

Sometimes  we only see the speck of fault in others eyes ;  we dont see the beam in ours

Sometimes  we are afraid of burden ; we cannot live up to them .

Sometimes .we think our childish & happy ways are  appreciated ; In actual  fact , it is being scoffed at.

Sometimeswe   let our dreams roam on & on even if theyre on papers.

Sometimes  we dont give a damn to what people think.1

Sometimes  Life is just impossible!

Sometimes  Life is so beautiful.!

Sometimes we do, what we never dream of doing.

Sometimes we wish the hero in our dreams will love us just a little.

Sometimes we cut our noses to spite our faces.

Sometimes  We are basking in our glory.

Sometimes  the sun rises in the west and sinks in the east.

Sometimes  we throw away our thick books on philosophy and read comics.

Sometimes we remember our old friends.

Sometimes  theres no limit to what we can do..

Sometimes ........

.ARE YOU FED UP OF Sometimes   ?????

                                                      ( Aggie )



Sometimes we like  others more than ourselves .