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Aggie's World2


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There was an old man who lived in an island remote .
When he wanted to go to town he hired a boat.
He rowed the boat with his left hand .
Soon he reached the town where he wanted to land .
There he bought a hen , a pigeon and a toad.


There was a lady  from Hong Kong ,
Her  favourite  past  time  was playing ping-pong,
She played it with a skill ,
She's out there to kill .
For her opponent was a king kong !
Oh, why is  this world full of  hatred and poverty,
That spread from country to country .
To love we are too lazy ,
To hate is simply so easy ,
May be we have all gone crazy !

Betty ,  I can see  you are so happy ,
Life is so boring without a humorous diary ,
Let's carry on our limerick,
And race it along till we are sick,
Until the end of the story when we are weary .
There was a man who went ahunting ,
When he was hunting he started singing ,
His songs drew out a big tiger,
His smile frozed as he was eaten by the man-eater,
Since then he was never seen out hunting

Sometimes we like to go to the seasdie .
To see the waves , the blue sky  wide .
Girls sitting on the rocks ,
Gentle wind blows their  frocks .
Their boy friends  dare not  leave their side .

Here I am just back from town ,
Myself so tired , my face still frown,
 Then I burst into laughter . 
It is joined by my brother .  
Mr parrot is wearing a crown .

Wong , your limericks are cool .
You recite them while sitting near a pool .
But you make so many spelling mistakes 
For goodness sake !
I think you should go back to school .




Father heard his children scream,
So he threw them in the stream ,
Saying , as he drowned the third,
" Children should be seen , not heard. "
Harry Graham




Belly , in one of his nice new sashes,
Fell in the fire and was burnt to ashes
Now , although the room grows chilly ,
I haven't the heart to poke poor Billy.
Harry Graham




There is an old lady in Tibet .
She is so fat she is on diet .
At night  she suddenly screams and wakes .
"I am hungry , I want my cakes !"
This poor old lady of Tibet.





There was a lawyer  in Balingers .
He had two ears , two eyes and ten fingers .
His nose was very big .
He was bald so he wore a wig.
He made friends with many famous singers


By Agatha Lai