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A Dog For a Friend

A dog is a very faithful friend to the master .
It guards the masters property with zeal.
It doesn't ask for leave.
It doesn't get paid .
You can see from its adoring eyes and waging tail
That it is friendly.
It doesn't complain if you are ignoring it or
Over indulging it .
Every dog has its day .
It can be so eloquent.
Sooner or later you youll learn the doggy language.


A Cat For a Pet

It is cosy to have a cat around the house .
It snuggles up to you at all time, asking
for attention.
It looks at you with adoring , green eyes.
It never leaves you alone.
It licks your milk cup clean.
It listens to you attentively as no man would.
A cat may even look at a king.
A cat keeps the rats away .
A cat has nine lives , so you don't have
to bring it to a Veterinarian when it
vomits or get sick .
It knows how to look
For the green grass for herb .
In this case you feed it with some sugar
or egg yolk would be the best.

So adopt this cat to be your pet !




Padi ,


The Padi Field in Penampang of Yore

To a farmer, to have a piece of padi
field is eualvalent to having a
long term rice bowl for the family .
Working in the padi field involves
every member of the family.

A plough , drawned by a buffalo ,
is the traditional method of
ploughing the field .

Nowadays , a tractor is used by most
farmers .

When it is planting time , the padi
seedlings are gathered from
the nursery and planted by hands .

This is a popular planting song :

Planting rice is never fun
Bend from morn till set of sun
Never stand and never sit
Never rest a little bit.

Later , when the padi gradually ripens,
the children are Put in charge of scaring
away the birds, the rats and other pests ,
although scare crows are also used.

Harvesting comes . All hands are needed !
Sometimes the method gotong royong
which means working together as a team ,
is practiced in the kampung or village .


The padi field of Penampang in days of yore


Tanjung Aru Beach

In Tanjung Aru Beach I met ,
The only girl I never forget,
When everyday and every night,
I was in Tanjung Aru Beach.

Until at last she said good bye,
She kissed my lips and then she cried.
Her dropping tears that broke my heart,
I was in Tanjung Aru Beach.

Tanjung Aru Beach near
Kota Kinabalu of
long ago was much sung about.


Tanjung Aru Beach