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Aggie's World2
To Space


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From the earth I rose
I have forgotten the time.
The age I was born
Never was a moment to lose .
Going to hidden places .
In search of truth and myteries
I enjoyed  flying through the air  .
Gliding and swooping and flying
Like a bird without wings
Sometimes into the thick clouds
Sometimes into a fathomless pit of space
With such speed , as in a race .
Sometimes I could almost touch a star
It was not that distant and far
I would ,  if I could .
And I think I should ,
gather a few to decorate my Christmas tree .
So I had no need to go on a shopping spree .
Here I could get my star .
 It was easy as eating chocholate bar .
Take any pick from heaven .
Your pockets would be laden .
For it was a starry night
And stars were a twinkling delight.
Too late !  No time to do stars hunting !
I reeled as my space ship hit the hard surface
My space ship struck the  landing
On the land of golden mars .
On the land of the distant star .
The one from earth we stared .
I , emerging from a forgotten dream
into a twilight zone !
I tried to pry beyond my space ship .
Indeed i could only but peep .
At the darkness outside .
I could see earth , in its strange atmosphere.
I felt hazy ; swarming thoughts crowded  my mind.
Slowly realisations  dawned upon me
I was on a land of the alien .
A land  of the defiant .
I was far away from mother earth
The land of my birth
I was , beyond the reach of my loved ones
Beyond my comfort zone and human touch.
My mind chaotic
Bewildered and yearning !
It was not meant to be like this .
So unreal , so pathetic and I was like a lunatic..
A lone human in the outer space
floating , struggling and sometimes walking pace by pace.
 What if I could not go back ?.
What if I forever float ?
In a land of non - existence .
In outer space .
The meer thought  was the last straw .
The conclusion I could not draw
Life and death was far away
Here , night was  like day
Life was  like death .
For I didn't know if I was alive or dead .
For it was the twilight zone
A non existing zone !
But I am existing
 I am breathing
I am living ;
I am waking and not dreaming !
 I am not beyond suffering and pain
Sure as the wind and the  rain .
How do I know ?
Because I pinched myself awake .
It was meerly a dream .
Outside the rain is still heavy .
The wind blew through   my windows and sighed .
It was a cold , cold night !
  By Agatha Lai