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Mysteries of Life
You never say a word to me
You pass me by and smile
Then you walk to the door ; to the wild  .
Pray , won't you stop for just  a while  ?
At an unknown  flower garden out there
Some butterflies flutter around  in gaiety
Their wings colourful and pretty
Is this the way they greet the summer of their life ?
Some bees fly  from flower to flower
Busy gathering  nectar after a shower .
This they turn into honey  ;  none they spoil . 
For whom do they labour and for whom do they  toil ?


You see small children  gay and happy .
Then they carry their school bags , so full and heavy .
Soon they  fill the posts  others vacant ; to toil .
 They work on till they return to the soil .
By  Agatha Lai


We go through lives making a lot of mistakes .This cannot be avoided . Sometimes the
mistakes are minor in nature but sometimes they are serious ; depending on the circumstances.
 How do you feel about the mistakes you made ? Do you turn a blind eye to them or do you define
 your mistakes and try to make amend and to ratify them ? Or do you blame others for your
mistakes? Which category do you belong to?
If you are the type that recognize your mistake and try to make amend  for it ; you have positive
thinking .After all ,  that mistake is now a history .Life goes on ! As soon as you have realized your
mistake is going to cost you a lot , you admit your mistake to those around you and you try to
 ratify it .You may actually have to pay for your mistakes , but ,  the more you pay for it the more
positive values you get for it . Your friends too , can help you along with the noble attempt  , that
 is , if you have the right type of friends . You come out of it stronger .
If you are the type that turn a blind eye to the mistake you have made  and just let time tide
over it . Well , you are the average person .You are one of the many in this world that just go
through life vegetating .Come what may ; you cannot be bothered .You pay for your mistake and
perhaps live from one mistake to another mistake .Your whole life is a mistake ( just joking
of course )  !  You gonna exert  yourself more , boy  !
If you are the type that blame others for your mistake or look for a scapegoat for your mistake ,
 what does that make you ?
It's time you start thinking !
By Agatha Lai