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Even Song
Here , beside a clear deep lake ,
I lay on the grass , half awake .
The setting sun doth shine
Casting shadows  where I  I rest recline .
The evening birds dart here and there
Their cooing  sounds  you can hear
And from the  sky serene and far ,
Appear some evening stars.
Far away , across the meadow and plain ,
You can hear the even songs'  refrain  !
Up the hills , along the glistening beaches
Sleeps the mountains for ages .

As I lay here enjoying the evening breeze .
Here I have found my hermitage of peace .
Then I dream of you striding towards me .
The moonbeams in yours eyes , I see .

Birds have settled on their perches in the quiet mist .
Softly they sing to us their  songs of the mist .
I know this is all  a dream .
Like the flickering shadows and the moon-beams .

Agatha Lai 02


Now that the sun has lost its heat ,
It is time for it to get down from the heavenly seat .
Thus it casts its last rays on the earth lingerly.
It temporally brightens the western sky vividly.


The people with weary steps slowly plod home.
The setting sun does not invite them to roam.
Soon they'll reach home and take off their  heavy gear .
And then they put on their homely wear.
In the bath - room , we can hear many a happy singer .
After shower , they gather round the table for their dinner.
The night is time for family chatting event .
It's time for relaxation until the night is spent.
To bed we go , after wishing each other  good night !
we reluctantly switch off our electricity light .
If we fall asleep fast ; We'll wake early for our breakfast ..
Thus  begins yet another  new day  fast   ! 
It's an ordinary life we live from day to day .
We must not forget the way
Our Lord wants us to live .
Follow His way as long as we are alive !

Agatha Lai  16.11.01