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The Rain


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The Rain

  One afternoon , the rain poured heavily down .
We couldn't go out we had to frown .
The sun hid itself behind the cloud .
The thunder crashed frequent and loud..
On such a day , the sky wore a  greyish crown !

The birds fly home before the rain .
When the rain stops they fly back again.
The trees, flowers and grass look extra green .
The rain has washed them all wet and clean .
The rain brings abundance to the field of grain .

The wind blows fresh and cold.
The rain droplets are big and bold.
As the rain splashes down
The crops will soon be fully grown .
Indeed the rain is better than gold !

The wind blows and the trees sway .
Such a sight drives one's worry away !
Under the clear blue sky
Our thoughts to heaven fly.
It's good to pass by this way.


by  Agatha Lai.