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To Wilderness

The Wilderness at the back of My House
It is a long time I have visited the wilderness at the back of my house . I always have a lot to do .Besides the house-hold chores , I have to do shopping and gardening. I spend a lot of time at
the internet too.

Today , the weather is just fine . There is a breeze too and making such a journey perfect.

I took my walk down a grassy path . I won't be gone for more than an hour , I told myself . I'll be back to work at  my unfinished poem.

My hesitant steps took me outside my house . I breathed in the air and busy took in the greens around me. A rustling in the leaves made me pause and  wonder what was hidden from view. I kneeled down and spotted a tiny insect , bright red in color creeping        
away at the approach of my steps. I wanted very much to say hello to it , but , I felt it liked to be left alone.

I ran to the edge of some trees. The scent of a warm , tropical wild garden wafted to me as the gentle breeze blew. I greeted the wilderness with a big smile.

How good this all  is !  My worldly cares and worries vanish . God must be somewhere very near.   I am very sure.

Agatha Lai 2002 .




To the unknown that has not been explored or 
 seldom trodden upon .
There ,the wild grass grow profusely and untidily ,
competing for space in a green world of forliage,
shrubs , weeds and thick undergrowth .
Some unnamed small wild flowers peep above the grass ,
dancing merrily in the breeze .
We should be happy ,there's still such a wilderness
un-spoilt but by storms and floods.
Men by-pass them , taking the paved paths the open road ;
Appreciating flowers blooming in a pot , in a garden ;
trees and plants well pruned  .
These tender flowers cannot survive in the wilderness ,
in the untamed world.
Here ,in the wilderness , live hundreds and thousands of  birds , reptiles , animals and insects .
It is a world created by God , unspoiled by men.
So do wander off to the wilderness !
Here , you will see unexpected delight ,
such as the calls of birds , the hoots of owls
and the howls of the wolves and the chirping of insects .
It is by no means tame ! 
It is even dangerous to wander off to the woods.
But ,there's freedom , there's beauty of the unexplored ,
like the unsung songs of spring.
It is as if mother nature is lurking somewhere
protective of its living creatures ;
every tree , every shrub and every flower ;
menacing and yet protective , from the advance of men.
And still we wander off to the wilderness !
Here ,we can commune with nature and be part of it.
We feel the caress of the breeze and breathe in
the fragrant air ;  the sun , warm on our faces and
hands , the sweats drip down our necks and  brows .

Let peace sip into your heart !

By Agatha Lai June 2002