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Aggie's Poems


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River behind my house

There's a place I want to be .
There a lot of trees we see .
It's not far away ; it's beside the river
The river is just behind my house .
We go there sometimes in the evening .
It was a jungle in the beginning .
With a lot of effort from us , brothers and all
We cleared the wild grasses tall .
The trees we let them grow.
They give us shade when we sit below .
Around the trees we grew cute flowers
They grow and grow when there're showers.
We even made steps to go down to the river.
There  we spend sweet time trying to catch the beavers.
Many a time we are not afraid to swim ,
In the river  , when we have such a whim.
But sometimes the river can be an enemy not a friend ;
Only last year Willy fell into it and got drowned !
Our mother always warned us to stay away
from the river  ; on a rainy day .
But  to her  , we turned a deaf ear.
The place so attractive we feel no fear
By Agatha Lai