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Aggie's Poems


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A Willow Tree


 By the roadside stands a willow tree ,
I saw it there since I was three .
Its branches stretch to the sky ;
Beneath it people love to lie ;
In the evening to see the sunset.
They watch it till very late.
It has escaped many storms and thunder .
And it stands  strong yonder.
Birds make nests on its branches .
 A tall  giraffe reaches for its leaves and munches. As  night falls ; roost the fowls .
They  are later joined by some owls.
Summers come and go .
But the willow tree stands tall.
Shedding many leaves and flowers .
Teased by rains and showers.
Sometimes the wind makes the tree  dance .
Now the branches , now the leaves.
Sometimes it is very still.
Behind it you can see the hill.
I love the willow tree more and more.
It is my favorite super-store.
By Agatha  Lai 02