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Aggie's Poems
To Our Saviour


Our Saviour


Not a moment to lose 
I hasten 
to Our lord I risen 
to do His bidding 
He is the saving grace. 
He is the smile on every face. 
Firmly I stand, for He's taking my hand 
He is our Lord, God of the sea and land 

He is our Savior, Our Redeemer 
He makes the sun doth raise 
He makes the sea and the rest. 
To Him daily we must praise. 

I see Him in every cloud 
In thunder that rumbles so loud. 
On all the flowers that bloom 
I see Him everywhere I roam. 

Today I go to the fair. 
I see Him there. 
On every face, an image of Him I see. 
I see Him in you and me. 

Every sunrise and sunset. 
Every little butterfly or insect. 
Remind me of Him, Lord of all. 
I think of Him at fall. 

How should I praise Him that maketh me 
I praise him from my heart 
There he shall dwell. 
I'll draw water of life from that well. 

If I should perchance see a suffering man 
I'll think of Him that hang on the cross. 
to save us from a fate 
before it's too late. 

Every bird of the air and beast of the land 
belong to Him in the highest. 
We must go to him the quickest. 
Lest if we delay, we'll not be blest. 

-By Agatha Lai