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The River of Life


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The River of Life
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The River of Life

Sometimes life is like a river
It flows on and on in one direction
We are sailing in this river
May we be good sailors .
In calm water ;  we enjoy , we laze , we swim
in its glorious  water.
Sometimes we meet the storms of life .
Waves of adversities .
We are drowning !
Then  we clutch on to God .
He is our hope ; when all hopes fail.
At times we cling to wistful hopes
We hope we can turn back time .
And relive moments of estacy
moments  of love , moment of truths .
Sometimes life is a song .
We sing its melody ...
in tune with our hope .
In tune with our ambitions .
In tune with the world.
But sometimes it is otherwise !
Friends , if you are  sorrowful ,
I hope God will take away your pain .
In its stead ,  reap the  grain.
Of earthly joy.
Sooner or later  , we all will sail in a different river .
Heaven's door is wide open .
If we remember to pray to Him that made us .
While sailing in our river of life .
If we remember to keep His commandments
While sailing in our river of life .
If we remember to love all the living creatures He makeh
While sailing in our river of life .
Or love
All the people who have fresh and blood .
Not a drop of blood is to be wasted.
Every drop precious ! While sailing in our river of life .
Then we'll see His welcome smile .
When that day comes !
  By Agatha Lai