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Aggie's Poems


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Tomorrow's another day !



Tomorrow's Another Day !
Have you ever seen a fallen star
Trailing across  the sky at night ;
Brightening it  for a moment ;
Before it falls  out of sight ?

Have you ever watched   raindrops falling
Turning the warm day  cool  ;
Or watched  the clouds play chasing game 
As the rain drops gather in a  pool ?
Can you hear the wind howling
Or watch the waves' wild dances ? 
You may feel like flying across it .
Like a bird  ! To smell their  fragrances .
Have your lucks  been changing
Through out  life's wear and tear ?
And when you look at your self in the mirror 
Do  you see your  hidden self there ?
 Have you ever shut yourself in a dark room 
Alone with your thoughts  so bare ?
Try to peer through emptiness  in  the gloom ;
You'll  see yourself without a care !
Have all your instincts  dared  you
to plunge into  dangers , cool and bold ?
Or may be you try to wear yourself out
Trying  to make a rose bud  unfold .
 Do you know where you are going  ,
or where you will  end up ?
And  your  lovingg heart breaking
You sip this bitter cup . 
Let the stream of life lead you .
as you sail along its water
It meanders , as it flows on forever 
Through so many summers and  winters.
Pluck from the garden of wilderness
The ripen fruits , and savour them
One by one until the juices dry 
Fruits of the wild and untamed  !
Be bold, be passionate , be anything but cold
For you're  your own destiny ;  so you'll  be told .
Only  then can you see the distant star
Shining bright from afar.
Let go of your ego  ; let go of your restraints
Finally let go of yourself , feel free
Don't worry if  you  see your life boat
Floating in the  tempest- tossed sea !
So go pluck your eyebrow ,
Put on your nicest skirt flare  
Let  a tired  smile adorn your tired  face
And  dance all your cares away !
May  be you'll  pray a little or even cry a little
May be you are just numb , devoid of feeling true
There' s always rainbow after the rain
And the sun's  breaking through  .
The sky , be it blue or gray
The sun that sets will rise again  .
Our world may be cold and poor today .

By Agatha Lai