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Aggie's Poems


River Trip
River behind my house
To the Forest
A Little Bird , Leaves
Tomorrow's another day !
Early one morning
The Rain
What do You Choose ?
This Shore
To the Wilderness
My Favourites
A Willow Tree
A Wanderer
My Limericks
The Past
Mystery of Life
Two Even Songs
To Outer Space
God Bestows
abc Poems
Let's go to see ..
Countryside , No Time
Crack Pot Flower
The Child's Story
I Like Most
I Walk
I Wish
Story Poem
To- day is Sunday
Empty Meadow
Sing Little Bird , Sing !
God's Dwelling
To Our Saviour
Inspirational Stories
God Works
The River of Life
Guest Book/ Links
What do You Choose ?


What do you think when you see a star ,
Do you think of angels ,
Or a friend afar ?
What do you think ?
What do you dream when at night you sleep,
Do you dream of mountains high ,
Or of valleys deep .
What do you dream ?
What do you see when you mingle with the crowd ?
Do you see Our Lord in everyone .
Or just a common crowd .
What do you see ?
What do you say supposing the Lord visits you ?
Do you say Hello
Or just , " How do you do ?"
What do you say ?
What do you choose , suppose you are told to choose ,
To deny  our Saviour so as to live ,
Or to proclaim Him and  your life you lose .
What do you choose ?
Agatha Lai