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Aggie's Poems


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To the Forest

My family and  I  went off to see the forest
W hen we reached there we saw the foliage
fringed the whole of the forest floor
so we could sit down on the soft grass for a rest .

We saw the sun right above us
through the leafy sky .
Birds darted here and there.
Small animals appeared gingerly and
then disappeared again just as suddenly ,
Big animals loomed up from nowhere
and frightened us just a little bit .
Then they too went on their way peacefully .

The music of great nature filled the forest
We listened with awe to
the chirping of the birds
the concert of the different types of insects .
From afar we even heard the cry of the wolves ,
the roar of lions and the squeaking of the squirrels
And the winds gently caressed our faces.
We washed our faces and hands from a sparkling
stream nearby before we ate our food .

Here is a paradise of the animals
and of the insects and of the trees
and of the plants.
The forest is big and so the animals
all dwell peacefully as God wants them to .

They have no worries for food;
like the lilies of the field
and birds of the air.
They all obey the law of nature
survival of the fittest ....

Here we escaped into the wilderness
just for some moments of our lives
we had had our fill of the nature .
Then back we bounded for the civilisation !
Our four wheels temporary shattered
the silence of the forest.


By Agatha Lai