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Aggie's Poems


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Story Poem

Story Poem

Along the countryside there stood a beautiful tree
The branches were perfect, and were waving with glee
Beneath the tree,  some wild grass grew  tall ,
There it  lingered  , in summer or fall .
One day,  from another tree flew here  , a  papa bird glee ,
It danced and sang and  swang its tail on such a spree .
Not far away , wandered  a lone owl ,
Looking at the moon ,  it howled  .
In a night so cool ,
Said Papa bird to Mama bird ,
 " Let's go and play on a nearby pool ."


So off they flew to the pool ,  one before the other ,
As they flew there , they called out to one another .
On reaching the lakes , the birds ,  they sighted ,
Some owls big , beside the pool ,  they gathered
The birds were frightened ; even tho' the big owls meant no harm .
Away from the lake ,  they flew ; flew and flew in alarm .


The two birds in their nest did spy ,
At the brightening morning sky .
Soon the sun shone on the earth with power .
It was hot at this time of the hour .


The day was  dreary and long .
Every where birds started singing their song .
One by one the animals disappeared to the deep groom .
And   to the sky and plants they made room .
Soon sunlight gave way to twilight .
Birds , animals and people homeward-bound.
God is the creator of such a lovely sight .
To see it , be sure you are around.


Night approached  , though a bit of day still lingered on,
 Bats , owls and nightingales came out of their hiding place .
  Perched  on the tree trunk , an owl  hooted  so  forlorn .
  All creatures, ready to sing their even songs of praise.
At night a little angel , she appeared
Riding the air she collided with a star
The little star in pain did shed hot  tears.
Her lovely angelic face had  a scar .
Said the little angel to the star .
" Can you please excuse me for the scar ."
Said the star sadly ,"  now I am not pretty any  more ."
The angel said  , " I still liked  you like before . "
The little star and the angel, together they did fly ,
To where the moon was hiding
behind the clouds in the sky .
There , two of them played hiding and seeking.


God bless heaven and the earth .
The angels , the stars and the rest. .'
God bless us all , have faith .
For Him, we must be at our best!
                                                           By Agatha Lai