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Night , with all its beauty .

Will only  fade ;  it's a pity !

Nightingales that  sing songs of sorrow,

Will not be around tomorrow .

                Night , a time when all creatures sleep .

In slumber lands , where  the shadows are deep .

It's  a  time ;  when fantacy takes wings .

With  many a dream  brings .


Night , with all its grace.

Look fondly on the human race .

Down the street corners  dwindle .

some wanderers idle..

                 Night ,  in the sky ,  appears the stars,

The clouds  cross them like bars.

The moon in their midst shine.

Brightening the creeping vine..


Night , you are like a stranger,

Lurk in the dark , some danger.

In nooks where shadows fall .

You hear some strange call .

                Night , will you let me sing ,

Songs of yore on a sentimental wing ?

About those friends who live afar.

They are my  morning stars.


Night ,ends, dawn breaks.

All creatures awake .

Gone is the groom !

Flowers  everywhere bloom !



 By Agatha Lai