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Crack Pot Flower


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Aggie's Poems



To see the crack pot that you so treasure
You plant in it some flowers with pleasure .
And water it day by day .
Not a day delay .

Then a tiny shoot appears ;
Then the leaves
Then the flowers .
Then comes the rain like showers,
To make the plants grow .
What a wonder  mother nature is !

Then you put the crack pot in the garden
among the other flowers .
Said the roses ;
What a tiny blue flower
in a crack pot ;
Won't make this  place a pretty spot .
She should be put  outside the garden
And not among us roses.

What ! said the bees ; She's
A tiny wisp of blue flower ,
She'll not last another shower !
So to the roses the bees and butterflies linger .
To the blue flower never a glance  eager.

But the blue flower
Keeps  quiet .
It grows and grows and grows .
in its crack pot .

Then one day the gardener came along
He said ; what a beautiful blue flower ,
Pity it's in a crack pot ;
Let's plant it on the ground next to the oak tree .

So it was done.
Summer's gone
Fall arrives
Soon winter .

The blue flowerplant now is very tall
Beside the oak tree it leans
Tree and  flower side by side .
Beside each other they abide .
One looks  after the other .
Tho' not a word they utter .

The birds that visit  the tree ,
Darting here and there free ;
Visit the blue flower as well .
And there they dwell .

When the snow falls ;
See the other flowers fall
Only the blue flower
Strange to say has braved  the snow
and the cold winter  wind .
Just to be beside the oak tree ,


By Agatha Lai