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Aggie's Poems


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My Favourites





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A small white  house in a quiet town
With lots of trees whispering around .
A garden at my back yard
There I grow tomatoes , long beans  for salad
My family around me at dinner time .
Sometimes we recite hymns that rhymes .
A day outing with a friend so dear.
Together we discuss life's wear and tear.
An old church or may be a new one
There I spend my time with those holy ones.
Story books , both religious or fictional.
Reading can make you inspirational.
The stars shining bright at night
To gladden our hearts with its beautiful  sight.
Sunshine or rain , a rainbow and pretty things.
I do love a voice that sings.
These can lift me off my daily  load.                      
While I travel down life's weary road.

By Agatha Lai

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