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Aggie's Poems


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This Shore


Upon this shore I stood ,
an island I delighted to set foot.
Here the sky , so bright and the
flowers bloom and the sun shone hot .

Live here the people glee ;
ever so simple and free ;
People , who loves the trees and
flowers and roam everywhere free.

There's no electricity, no telephone bills ,
no TV or computers to confuse them all .
They live simply , from hand to mouth ;
sharks fin soup never crosses their mouths .
Plain stream water they take delight in.

But there's treasures here ;
treasures ,we found in countless amount ;
There's small wild flowers among the bushes ;
sea shells in pretty shapes and colours ;
friendly people everywhere;
who asked us to grace their attap-roof houses
,we must ;

In we went , and found absolute delight ;
coconut water tasted heavenly ;
curry rice all spicy and tasty;
conversation few and simple.;
dishes were but these two;
people all smiley and curious ,
why we to such a humble abode treaded.

Smilingly , we said, why couldn't we visit
such a heavenly place ;
and filled our souls with peace and rest?

Everyday theres peace, for peace descends low ,
from the heaven above and dwell among
these people here below ;
Though , there's no Bible to guide the folks ;
human laws are written in their souls.
same here as anywhere in this big , big world .

They get old , sick and die , t'was sad ,
before their time is due .

I pray for the sick, the dying ,
the loving or the reckless souls.
May God bring all of them joy ,
yesterday , today , tomorrow and
every day of their lives.

So back to the civilization we bounded ;
our footsteps ever so heavy ;
though speed boat ploughed through the sea ,
Our inward eye to the island we lingered ..

  By Agatha Lai