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Our lives are full of ups and downs.
When we are down, please do not frown.
That's the way lives are
Full of problems and care. 

Do not fret; do not complain.
Do not even explain.
Just overcome those adversities when arise. 
If need be, we make sacrifices.
For without temptations or trials
We are like indoor plants frail.

Too weak to battle with fate.
When the big storms come; it is too late!
Those leaves and petals are scattered all over the places
So give yourself a little breathing space.
Take time to know Our Lord.
He is Our God.

Who will tide us over our adversity.
He lift us up when we face iniquity.
Please do understand.
We don't know what Our Lord has planned.
Trust in Him we must.
Until we are back to be dust!

By Agatha Lai ( 7.6.02 )