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Aggie's Poems
My Limericks


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My Limericks


There is a friend whom we entertain like a stranger .
At first we lodged him in a manger .
To Him we should invite ,
And say , " I'll be your guest to-night ."
He is Our Saviour , he is no stranger ..



See what a lovely shell !
Small and cute like a bell ,
I stopped to pick it up ,
Then I kept it in a cup.
Such a delicate shape and made so well !

Here's a message from me to you ,
To wish you happiness when each day is through ,
With your loved ones always close by,
And the treasures money cannot buy.
Dreams, success , all wishes come true !

There is a teacher called Anitara .
She knows a lot about diet and amoeba ..
When comes to the theory of life she lectures
So the pupils sit down and draw pictures
Of this teacher called Anitara !

For the kindness you have shown ,
To all the people You have known ,
For cherishing your friends and kin ,
A pat on your back is what you win .
You are like a jewel in the crown .

Each day I wake up to see the morning sun ,
Casting its first rays upon the earth with fun.
So I start my busy day .
So much to do and say .
After breakfast , I dress up and run .

There was a man fishing in the river ,
Suddenly he saw a beaver ;
He wished it was a fish ,
So he could enjoy a dish ,
But the man was still fishing by the river .

There was a young man in the tropic ,
His hobby was dancing aerobic ,
He danced all night ;
Until his hair grew all white ,
This funny man of the tropic .

Let's sing songs of praises,
Our voice to Heaven raises ,
Our Lord has come down to earth .
To redeem us he was given birth .
So we should not spare our pharses !

When the sun sets , I find absolute delight .
Soon, it goes down the horizon & comes twilight.
Slowly, the moon peeps above the tree .
Birds, bats & insects dart here & there free .
God is the creator of this beautiful & great sight!
The grass of the field has now turned yellow ,
When we lay down on it , it cannot make a good pillow .
The time will come when we don't look so bonny ,
As  we peep down from our  balcony .
No lad will be there to sing us songs from below.

In the distance , the mountains stand .
Many a centuries and some crumble to be sand .
To eternity they silently stay
until their trees grow and decay
Such wonders of nature we cannot fully understand .




The blue moon peeps through the leaf-fringed sky .
It shines brightly though  it is a bit shy .
To appear full on a starry night .
So it takes refuge behind a cloud in flight
On such a night lovers meet under the starry sky !

When I say my prayers , to day,
A whisper inside me seems to say ,
Lord , thank you  for making this world,
A beautiful place for us all,
Pray let it remain so , You'll not say nay !

By Agatha Lai