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Aggie's Poems


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Early one morning


Early One Morning
I rise up early when the cock crows .
First I make a round to  the meadow down below .
The morning glory is still droopy with sleep.
It has not yet from its flowery dream awake .
Then I milk the cows and feed the chickens.
These daily chores I must not forsaken .
As I pass the woodshed I perseive
Many a growling  and purring  sound I receive.
Those dogs and cats are fighting
Over a piece of meat stolen from the kitchen.
Not a sound is heard down the meadow .
The grass is still heavy with the morning dew.
I run to its grassy boxom
Where many a flowers blossom.
Yesterday I did not see the lily there among the bushes .
This morning they peep out of their hiding places .
From afar a bird calls
Then another answers
Together they circle  the air
Wings flapping and proudly soaring with flair
I breathe in the fresh morning fragance.
Its beauty and elegance .
Never need I jewels , big castles like those advertised .
For in here I find my dream paradise .
If you have no place to visit on a dull dreary day
 Just let  your imaginations roam to  such  places  along the way !
By Agatha Lai