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Aggie's Poems


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A Little Bird , Leaves

A little bird flew  to me this morning ,
On my window sill it rested ,
It sang of the glory of the morning sun ,
And of the  the dews on the leaves it tasted .
It sang about  the fresh morning air
And of the dews like pearls in a string .
Its songs filled me with happiness
That each new day could  bring.
A little bird flew to my window sill
It had just come from a stream .
It brought  smells of the foam so sweet ,
Its songs were like  laughter in the dream .
A little bird flew my window sill.
Day was dawned and the cocks were crowing.
I must wait , wait for it to start singing.
And that day , it  was raining.
A little bird came to my window sill
Sadly it sang , HE'S GONE , HE'S GONE
Then I followed  it to the water side.
And watched  until it flew out of sight !
By Agatha Lai





             Brown leaves , green leaves and yellow leaves
All sorts of leaves fall before my eyes .
A gentle breeze carries them gently up .
Up to the air and down to the earth again .
When this scene I behold
From my house's threshold .
It makes me smile at the wonder of it all.
To be like the leaves that fall .

To the grass
To the pavement
To the ponds
To the streams ,
In summer's time or fall .
A scene I watch as
I silently stand by my window sill .
A figure so pensive and still .

Agatha Lai