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Aggie's Sanctuary


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What's Next ?


The Jubilee year 2000 has come and gone and the question I ask myself is , now.. what? I can almost feel the emptiness I used to feel after an exciting party is over. So whats next?

Thinking back , our church, St. Peters Kudat , was one of the eight pilgrimage centers ,so we ,the parishioners, have been kept busy. Pilgrims poured in from all over the country ( Facts and figures dont count anymore.)

They came in buses, planes or their own transport, all feeling fatigue after the long journey but still cheerful and eager to do their Christian duty.

We , on the other hand, welcomed them, joined in their worship and meditation, served them lunch, mingled with them and sold them souvenirs food , drinks and so on .
The Kudat parishioners have also visited almost all the eight pilgrimage centresin Sabah.Such journeys can be remembered for life as our journeys of faith towards God. It is hoped that we can gain indulgence and grace and at the same time strengthen the ties among the churches in this part of the world. through making pilgrimages.

In the Diocese of Kota Kinabalu a lot of big events took place such as the Jubilee of youth, catechists and women .

The huge gatherings on all of these three celebrations prove that Gods love to us is abundant. I could feel that
Jesus really did come in person and spend
Jubilee 2000 with us.

So now the question is , whats next?

After all the big celebrations , are we still the same persons we were.? If we were indifferent, materialistic, selfish or egoistic would our hearts be changed into ones of enthusiastic, full of warmth and love for God and our fellow men.?

I think we should relive our baptismal vows and renounce all sins, say our daily prayers, go to confession and participate in the Holy Eucharist.

It is also good to do act of mercy such as visiting the sick , help the poor and needy. Above all. we should pray for the souls in the purgatory who can no longer merit for themselves. It is during life on this world that people can merit and those who still have the opportunity can help the Holy souls.

If each of us do our share of burden , I think , this year 2001 is equally important as its predecessor.
 By Agatha Lai