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Along the beach , I wandered alone  ,
I wandered , wandered beyond the reef .
Until late at night when folks have gone,
Only the sea gulls sing with grief !

Soon the sun casts its last ray of light ,
Beyond the horizon , it slowly sinks ,
Then the evening is changed to twilight ,
The birds fly low & sweetly sing .

Now the moon  from above  the tree peeps ,
Decorating the blue night sky above ,
The willow trees blown by the wind weep ,
They sing, " To-night will I see my love ?"

In the moonlight  , the cool clear sea water,
Splashed to the shore without rest,
Changing sorrow into laughter ,
Great mother nature at its best.

A wanderer I am  , this part of the shore ,
Day and night are just the same,
If only I could see you just once more,
I am a wanderer without any aim !

What we have left is just memory ,
We won't see each otherfor quite a while ,
Even if the sea and the waves sing its melody,
We have parted with a smile !

By Agatha Lai