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Aggie's Sanctuary


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River Trip


The River



The river at the back of my house ,
In peaceful time , it is our paradise
We bathe in its slow  , flowing water
We draw water to carry home for home use
We watch the fish swim in it
and have such fun trying to catch them .


The river at the back of my house  ;
a place where women spend  a lot of their time
on a raft , to wash their clothes
They  immerse their soapy clothes in its clear water
and watch the water float away the dirt.
Their laughter shrill above the flow of the river.


The river at the back of my house ,
We wonder where all your water come from !
Forever, forever flowing to the sea .
We hope your  water won't run dry 
'cause we draw buckets and buckets  of water from you .
We  dance , laugh and splash in your water
All  so happy and satisfied.


I say to the  river  ,
Stop , stop your flow and play with me ,
So the fish will not swim but  stay still
and let them be caught in  my net.
The fish , everyone is alive , alive 0 !
I, falling asleep at your murmuring flow ,
On the grass that grow profusely 
 As  evening comes  uninvited  .


I see the moss hung down on the branches .
Every leaf , every flower , every twig
dances its reflections in the running water .
Above the tree ,  the birds  are bubbling a song ;
a song of the wild and of the rising moon ;
Fresh as the morning dew and  cold as the water.
Sing on , you pretty birds  ,
Dusk will soon be here  !


The river at the back of my house ,
You swell and grow big after a rainstorm .
You are no longer our friend .
We stand far away and watch
Your muddy water flowing  fast
To the sea ! To the sea !


The river in my dream .
Flow , flow , flow ,
To the sea , to the sea 
All day long and all night long 
In such a hurry ,
The river of no return !


 By Agatha Lai