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The Road of Life
Along the road of life
We have a friend divine .
He is friendly and kind .
He makes the darkest night shine .
Happy are we His sheep .
When in  this world we wander .
We pray our souls His to keep .
His many teachings we ponder .
I will wake at break of day
Ere before the morning  sunrise
And shout to the mountain and say
He is God , He is Christ.
I will sing a new song to the Lord.
And Him I  forever will praise
To deny Him , I cannot afford.
My  voice  in praises  will raise .
When I am happy and things go fine .
When I am at peace with my lot .
I will sing to Him a little rhyme .
And thank Him for what I've got.
But when I am burdened with strife and care
When the workload is heavy
I will whisper to Him this prayer .
 He will tide me over  adversity .
End of each day , I bow my head in prayer .
I feel Him stand by my side .
I put all my burden in His care.
And sing songs  to Him in the eventide .
Agatha Lai