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Friends Seeker
These are my thoughts , I'll write them down ,
as plain as can be , without those flowery prose
Strewn along the path ; or an imitation frown ,
I have yet to think of its unpredicted close .
Sometimes I just wonder
Perhaps I 'm not so sure
Who  are really my friends   ,
Friends who can through circumstances endure .

I see the world around me today daily 
I find the world a very complicated place .
To be at the heavenly place that's so starry 
I'll need a lot of grace .

Said an angel  in my dream one moonlit night,
Go , go and find ten good friends you will ,
Those ten friends will have ten other friends ,
So if you multiply ten by ten , the answer you'll get right .

Who are those ten friends,  angel , 
Where shall I find those precious ten ?
Shall I find them along the way or on the waiting station ?
Go everywhere , said the angel , even to the lions' den .

So I awoke from the deep dream of peace,
Those words  of the angel in my ears still lingered ,
I felt heartened , never had I such peace ,
I will follow my dreams and be a friends seeker.

My search for friends lead me to you .
In you I find a treasure forever in my heart ;
Of friendship , tried and true  .
I hope we will never have to part.