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Aggie's Sanctuary
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Welcome to my personal web site!


My name is  Agatha Lai and I have set up my website to
share with people the things in my life that are
important to me.

As I am a happily married woman with three grown up
children I have plenty of time to share my thoughts
and feelings on my website with you! I am also lucky
enough to have three of the cutest grand-daughters
although they will only appear from time to time as I
don't feel they are ready to be internet stars yet!!!!

The development of my own internet site has been
something very important to me. It has given me the
opportunity to write, relax and share thoughts,
feelings and moments with anyone who is interested.
Hopefully I will be able to update the photos and
writings on my page regularly.

Please enter my site and I hope you enjoy taking in my
site as much as I have enjoyed creating it. Hopefully
I will be able to update the photos and writings on my
page regularly and therefore it could be worth more
than just the one visit!!!!

Feel free to sign my guest book and/or email me
personally as I love to get email.




Agatha Lai
Please browse through my webpages .

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