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Aggie's Sanctuary


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Ah Waig

Very soon Ill reach her place . Very soon , Ill see her .
   So , Ah waig  paddled on against the wind , against the rain .
   The rain became heavier and heavier and the wind was just as relentless.
  Hand in hand these two elements drove off almost all the people along the street.
   Who would come out on a windy and rainy day ? No, no one . They preferred
To be indoor ; to sip a cup of hot coffee and watch the rain outside . Even the stray dogs took
shelter under the roof of some buildings near- by . Some passers by , hurried past.
The street was almost deserted . The trees swayed and danced in the rain .Street lights 
 illuminated the gray , gray world ; its  flickering  shadows came and went. 
Ah Waig paddled on . When would he reach his destination ?
Where is his destination ? Where was he going , in the rain ,in the wind?
 What made him paddle on and on in such a cold weather ?
 The rain drenched not only his clothes but also his spirit .
What if she not be there when he arrived there ?
 What if he could not recognize her after all these years of seperation  ?
 Three long years ! Yes , three long years.
They been writing to each other after she left for UK to further her study ;
 to take a degree in  Bachelor of Art . Whereas he , from a poorer family
 back ground , could only study a Diploma In Engineering Course
 in a nearby local College .
This morning ,he received a call from her saying that she had come back for
Summer Holiday. Since then he could not rest . He barely touched his breakfast
 because he was so excited  . The whole world was singing .even when there
 was no sun in the morning.
 Without hesitation he decided to miss his classes. He did not like Chemistry
 anyway  and the Chemistry lecturer never noticed his presence for he was a rather
 common place guy ; sort of a man about the street. The good point was
 he always had a ready smile for anyone who talked to him ; one that brightened
 up his whole continence and made him look handsome or  very near it
 Yes, he was going to the other end of the town to see her  and the fastest way
 was by bicycle .
After he had paddled for a short while it started to rain .
As Ah Waig  was paddling on and on many thoughts  flashed through his mind.. He was gripped by
 indicision and by fear a fear that was always at the back of his mind , nagging .nagging  at him .
What if she doesnt care , what if she .. 
Then he shook himself out of all  this worry .
Ill soon see her and know the worst.. , thought he.
 He soon came to the country side and felt happy to trees on both side of the roads .
The rain  had become a drizzle . He wasnt so cold any more .. He could even begin
 to enjoy his surrounding , the peaceful  and the misty morning view.
He took a deep breath as he finally reached Lens house . a modern two-storey building 
 overlooking the main road.
Two dogs ran out barking .  Windows opened . Lens head  appeared.
Hi , Ah Waig , come on in  . You are soakingly wet !   called out  Len .
 Soon she ran down stairs  and stood before him smiling  . She was wearing T- shirt and shorts ,
looking taller and prettier than ever .