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What Can You Do ?


What can You Do ?


What can you do for your  parents ?

What can you possibly do ?

Will they say , What bliss 

When you give them a good night kiss ?



What can you do for your neighbours  ?

What can you possibly do ?

Can you stop just for a while

To give them a friendly smile ?


What can you do for your friend ?

Can you go out of your way ,

To pluck some flowers sweet and gay ,

And put on his desk ,  end of the day ?


What can you do for a sick child ?

What can you possibly do ?

Can you show to him that you care ,

Whenever he's in despair ?


What can you do for yourself?

What can you possibly do ?

Can you do with all your might .

What is good in God's sight ?


What can you do for the Lord?

What can you possibly do ?

Can you shun all that's mean  ,

And keep your actions , thoughts and words clean ?

By ag.lai02



Today , I was in town doing  shopping .
I met an old friend by chance meeting
We have not seen each other for ages .
And now she looks gorgeous .
We started telling each other our fun and woe .
After that we went for a drink or two.
Then we continued to shop for goodies and dresses .
My friend , she bought two matresses .
We totally enjoyed our meeting
and forgot at home our family waiting .
So we made it a point to always meet
It is what we both need.
To chat with each other for a while .
And to share news and a smile.

To Market

When I go to the market to buy food ,

I will not buy new dresses or a decorated piece of wood.

I will not buy fresh flowers for the dressing table.

I will not buy a birthday cake or a pretty candle .

Those commodities can not be found in the markets .

Neither can you find  leather shoes  or  sockets .

But I will buy fish and meat and  fresh vegetables.

I will also buy apples and tomatoes and pineapples .

These are for my family's daily consumption .

They keep us on our toes  ;  plus  give us a good digestion.

A balanced meal  , will I prepare out of these food .

We need all the good food to  keep us in good mood.

Eating well  will make  a healthy you and me  !

You and I will be as happy as can be !

Aggie 02